Fox who ?


  A 21 years belgian photographer who just arrived in London. An artist always searching for new challenges, a passionated actress, a languages lover and a writting enthusiast.


Originally wild from birth, she always liked the challenge and the beauty of the smallest things. Discovering the artistry of things around her; humans, nature, movements. She became one with this optical instrument. To withdraw the wildness inside of her and combine it to the outside world to show people the way she saw it through her eyes.


She had her first exhibit at 16 years old in the Music Instruments Museum in brussels, She then followed it with few exhibitions in the Capital of Europe. When she reached the majority , she did her first exhibit out of Belgium. In the city of love and art, in Paris. Since then she has been traveling an exploring new perspectives and new landscapes.

HER FIRST EXHIBITION IN MONTREAL stands from the 3oth of november untill the 10th of december 2016.
And on the web?                                                                                                                                                  
You can find her on Lens Culture in the Sans Titre magazine .



For the love of risk.